Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Many of you know this already- but I am currently a PhD candidate at The Ohio State University in Education Psychology and Philosophy.  My work is in line with the Philosophy and history part.  I've been at this now for quite a number of years, but this time I applied to gradaute this semester and now I am FREAKING OUT!!

That really leaves me hardly any time to write or think.  I write a chapter, print it out, and then realize it was total crap. 

The Graduate School has all of these crazy deadlines, so if I want to be able to gradaute I need to defend in late March or early April and then upload my completed dissertation by mid April.

This thing is chewing me up and about to spit me back out....or maybe its more like the Sarlacc pit from Star Wars where I will be digested over thousands of years.....I am not sure which, but it is honest to goodness harder than anything else I have ever done.

I imagine being on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in my hand, reading some  trashy romance novel, not worried about the state of my dissertation.

I imagine leaving work, and being able to run for however long I want to, or leisurely going to the gym, or driving to my mom and dads and taking my psuedo woof Molly for a long walk.

I imagine volunteering again for the rabbit rescue groups.

I imagine traveling to see interesting this, or reading books that are for fun, or just...

Well, just about ANYTHING except for writing a dissertation.

For those of you familiar with the Columbus Marathon course, as I told my buddy Sunshine, I just made the turn to come down Vine St. and I can see that mini baby hill and I know the turn to go downhill and the finish is just over that peak....but I still have a little ways to get there.

I guess dissertation writing is like running, just everyday you put one foot in front of the other, or edit, edit, edit.


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