Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough" Last Chance for Boston Half Marathon

For those that want quick deats: Last Chance for Boston Half Marathon #17-2:21:33

I didn't think it was going to be a good day.  For starters, I hate getting up early-and secondly, my stomach was a wreck!  But I got my tush out of bed and headed to my 17th half marathon....Yes, I did write that right ;)

The day turned a corner when my iPhone started playing Michael Jackson's Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.  This song just makes me feel good inside when I hear it and it makes me want to dance and smile-all a very good sign!

But the day just kept turning the corner towards awesome possum!!! One of my fave people to run with pulled in and parked RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I am not sure if I believe in fate, but it was definitely good jiujiu to have so I'll take what I can get.  The last time she and I ran together at this race I got my half PR of 2:17.  So, I was definitely getting excited.

We lined up for the race and they 'released the hounds' and off we went!  I was running conservatively this first lap.  I had some really great 3 and 4 mile runs lately, but typically anything over 4 miles I can get kind of slower.  In fact, I had told another friend that the goal was to finish and then MAYBE beat 2:45 (dream world 2:30) if I could. 

But, maybe I was a little like the race horse Secretariat who kept improving the more you raced him and trained him because that first lap left my legs yelling at me to 'go!'

So off I went!!!

And I KILLED IT!  My splits were in the low 10's every mile exactly, until the last 3 where I faced a wall and struggled!!!  In the last mile I got really teary eyed and started to feel like I wanted to cry.  I had so needed this race today! 

My self confidence has really been waning lately.  I have made some improvements in so many areas of my life, I am really getting consistent with my writing and my training, but I am still carrying around an extra 10 pounds that I would love to shed (but am finding it difficult to do).  It's been frustrating me a bit, especially when I see pictures of myself.  I can be kind of harsh with the gal I see in them...

But finishing so much faster then I ever believed I was capable of doing in the current body shape that I have just reminded me that we are capable of accomplishing and doing so many wonderful things.  Our bodies are pretty damn miraculous, and instead of looking at pictures and thinking of myself as chubby I should be grateful for it because it helped me achieve something pretty damn sweet today! 

I hit 10 MINUTE MILES! Almost the ENTIRE TIME! The last time I was close to that kind of a pace was 3 years ago when I hit my PR!!!

In honor of being proud of myself I am sharing a picture my friend took- All I see is a gal running, being active, healthy and happy!

So cheers to a well-done race, cheers to my friends who had great races and the ones that came and cheered us on! 

I am so grateful for this race today! It is just what I needed to lift my spirits and raise my confidence a bit.  Plus, the raccoon in me totally digs the snowflake medal :)



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  1. Well done. Glad you had a good race. You are off to a good start!