Hoosier Hundred

 In 2005, my hubby adopted me the best little creature I had ever met.  Hoosier was the happiest, most affectionate little animal I had encountered since my family cat.  It was strange because I really did not know that much about rabbits at the time, didn't know what they needed to eat or how to play with them.
But Hoosier taught me. He taught me how to love, he taught me how to interact with rabbits, he taught me that they are smart, amazing creatures.  In other words...I learned a lot about love from that little critter.
Unfortunately I lost my best friend in 2011.  Hoosier was almost always sick with ear infections and he lost his battle in October 2011. 
So much has happened since then.  I went through some tough times in my own life, I stopped doing so many of the things I loved.  I certainly grieved for the loss of my little friend. 
In the last few months I've come back around.  I've gotten much more serious about finishing my degree and picking back up on my running.  Both are extremely important to me.  Along the way I had forgotten how much I wanted to achieve the 100 mile distance. 
I can't say why.  Typically I can tell you it's because of the bling, but that really isn't it.  In this case I know I am going to learn something about myself.  In this case, I know I need to do it for ME.  Whether, I fail, or finish, this needs to happen.
So, I created a solo 100 mile event that I am going to attempt August 30-31 called the Hoosier Hundred.  All proceeds will go directly to a local rabbit rescue group called the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue.  They are leasing the adoption center but would like to purchase the facility within the next 3 years. 
I want to help make the difference in the lives of these little creatures.  I want to begin to make the kind of difference that Hoosier made for me.

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