About RnRBunny

My name is Shannon.  I would call myself a veteran runner because I've been putting one foot in front of the other for over 10 years now.  I've done 6 marathons, 16 half marathons, and countless other races.

But I still have so much to learn.

In 2011 I lost 3 pets, worked a dead end job and proceeded to gain 20 pounds.  Things just were not looking great for me and as I let myself get down, I found I physically and mentally was incapable of running.

Things have turned a corner in 2014 and I decided I was going to take my life back.  I was going to start running races again and be the best version of myself that I could be.

I have some pretty exciting plans...

A little more about me:
-I love animals...I can't watch movies or shows where animals are hurt or killed because I cry.
-I hate horror movies (at least newer ones).
-I love the color pink, for that matter, I just love bright colors.
-I'm not a hugger, but I care deeply about people.
- Humor doesn't come easily to me, but my best friend has taught me to see it in everything.
- I love junk food and wine.
- But I know these things don't fuel a run.


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