Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello....I'm RnRBunny

My name is Shannon AKA RnRBunny.  Why the nickname?  Well, it all started back in 2011, when I raised money for the Columbus House Rabbit Society as part of my marathon training.  I wore bunny ears and a tail to that event which was a ton of fun.
Since then I have worn my ears and tail to numerous events and its sort of become my 'thing.'  The ears and tail are nice because they generate shouts and smiles during a race-but more importantly, it reminds me of why I started to wear the ears in the first place.
To raise awareness about the plight of rabbits as pets in America- to educate the public that they are the THIRD most abandoned pet.  That just like a cat or dog, rabbits are smart, inquisitive, do well with a friend, can be litter box trained, and more importantly can share very close relationships with their human brethren.
In other words...bunnies ROCK.
So, I continue to run for the bunnies.  I hope that you will consider following me and seeing what kind of mischief I get into.