Sunday, February 9, 2014

Learning How To Train

I have been running now since Fall of 2002.  I've run 5 marathons, 16 half marathon, one ultra and a bunch of other races.  Some would call this quite an achievement and I guess it is.  But honestly, I did all of them, yes ALL, by the skin of my teeth.

If there is one thing that I am terrible at, it's training.  I am the fool who can go out and run a marathon, finish it (albeit slowly) only having run 16 miles for a long run.  It doesn't feel very good and it certainly isn't what I was setting out to do, or even what I expected of myself.

This time I am asking something different of myself. 

After being so focused on my dissertation I have learned that I have what it takes, but that I need to focus my mind (kind of like what Yoda tells a Jedi to do).

So, I promised myself that I would work on my consistency.  And working on it I am!

Today was the perfect example.  I hate the cold, I hate the snow...basically, I just don't enjoy winter.  But, I had 10-12 miles on my schedule. And I was determined to make sure that I did it.  Today was exceptionally a nuisance to this winter hating gal because we had an inch of snow that came down in the middle of the day... (GREEAAATTT).

So, I made up my mind to ditch Negative Nancy and find neat things to take a picture of as I ran to campus.

First there is the Lane Avenue bridge:
I caught this picture at just the right moment with the sunlight peaking out of the clouds.  This section was particularly brutal because of the headwind coming off the river.  But it was so cheery and inspiring.
When I crossed the bridge at the dam, I saw a whole passel of geese!!!!
There were literally hundreds of these guys just hanging out on the ice, making honking noises and looking like they were just having a grand old time!

Needless to say, the total mileage for this week was 23 miles, almost double what I managed the week before.  Already for this month I have hit 30 miles which is the total I ran in January...

I know I have a ways to go still, but it is really great to see myself achieving these small goals that I am setting before myself.  I am just going to keep taking it one day at a time, knowing that some days I might not meet my goals, but the whole thing is a journey and I just need to get back on my feet the next day!

Hop to it!


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